Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Early Bird & Crossdressing men

     So my wife and I went out to a local resturaunt for the Early Bird Special, since apparently we are now 65 years old. It's not a bad deal when you think of it, an entree, coffee, soup or salad and vegitable or pasta and it includes a dessert. So it cost us about $28 for the two of us. The greatest thing about the early bird is there are no children. No one crawling on the floor near your feet, or crying babies, no sir, just nice old people who talk about the weather and Wheel of Fortune. They know exactly what they want, they eat and they get the hell out, of course they have to be home for the news and before it gets dark cause they can't see so good in the dark and if they have another accident thier kids will take away thier license and give the car to some ugreatful punk grandchild who's just gonna beat the thing....but I digress.
     So as we are getting ready to enjoy our meal I happen to notice that in the booth across from us is what at appears to be a giant woman, or so you would think if it were dark out and you had on sunglasses and he/she was standing in the shadow of an umbrella 50 feet away. He/She seems to be sitting across from what may be a woman. Alas it is not. I guess they travel in pairs. Now the Giant has terrible make up and a cheap wig, but his fella/lady friend has a high class Tootsie style wig. For those of you who don't know what Tootsie is here is what you need to know : It's a movie where Dustin Hofmann dresses like a woman. So Tootsie and Giant finish up thier meal and stumble out on thier high heels into the night....Gotta love the Early Bird Specials...