Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kuwait A/C AIDS

So we have finally figured out what all these little hair like particles we find on our desk is. ASBESTOS. Yum. We found this out by having chunks of asbestos blow through the air conditioning vent in our office. Some chunks were to big to pass through. So after shutting off the A/c in the smooth 118 degree heat of the day, we awaited our dear friend Hadji to come along and clean that shit out. Hadji did his job, power washed the unit and turned the A/c back on and now we are all cool and itchy. I am pretty sure I'll develop some kind of AIDS from breathing this crap in for the past months. my only question is who the hell puts asbestos in air conditioning ducts? Stupid Kuwaitis who want us to get AIDS, thats who.
  On an unrelated note, for some reason all the tabs to put this post online were in Chicken (that is what we call the scribble like writing of the indiginous people). So I am pretty proud of myself for successfuly navigating through Chicken to figure out how to post this. Perhaps that is why things are so messed up around here, they can't read that crap either.

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