Monday, August 23, 2010

Lion 1 Midgets 0

So my buddy showed me this awsome story yesterday. Apparently in Cambodia they had 42 midget wrestlers fight an African Lion. The klassy government of Cambodia allowed this to take place if they got 50% of the take from ticket sales and no cameras would be allowed (a poor decision, but I'll talk more on that later). As one may be able to guess by the posts title, the lion won. In his wake he left 28 midgets dead and maimed 14 others, most of them missing limbs. Now call me crazy,  I dont think it's a good idea to start, but after I saw the first, ohh, 6 guys get mauled to death I probably would have come to the conclusion this was a bad idea and left. Bottom line, if your not tall enough to ride Space Mountain, your not beating a fuckin lion.
On to the short falls of the Cambodian government :

1. Instead of not allowing cameras, they should have broad cast it on pay-per-veiw. MONEY!
2. An activity such as this would create revenew from souviniers and for hotdog vendors. MONEY!
3. Unemployment claims for midgets would be nearly non-existant. MONEY!
4. Who wouldn't want to see this? Who I ask you? MONEY!
5. Events like this would also help control the population of midgets that is spiraling out of control. MONEY!

*FLASH- this just in : the original story is reported as a hoax, but I don't care. This would still be AWESOME and should definately happen.

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